Reflecting Nature

Living just down the road from Big Bone Lick Historic Site, the source of the fossils that inspired President Thomas Jefferson to send Lewis and Clark on their great expedition that opened the west, has had a profound impact on Lindsey Kiser’s worldview. At an early age Lindsey began to study the life of Thomas Jefferson, who was a classicist and a Renaissance Man. She heralded him a hero of thought, culture, and history. His example showed her that one does not have to choose one path in life. Instead, curiosity can lead the way to build a beautiful, inspired life.

As a result, Lindsey majored in art and double minored in biology and chemistry, and later went on to become a patent lawyer helping Fortune 1000 Companies secure patents on portfolios of innovations, primarily in the field of medicine. While these disciplines of science, law, and art do not make sense to some, she finds at the center of it all is her fascination with the land, basic science, and applied science. Hence, Lindsey creates art for the purpose of enlivening our innate sense of wonder and to restore our lost connection to the land.

Like Jefferson, Lindsey draws inspiration from found natural objects (nature’s “readymades”), such as fossils, birds’ nests, and acorns. Instead of sending out scientists and adventurers on a quest across the continental divide to bring back evidence of mastodons, Lindsey cradles her found natural objects in man-made, highly reflective goblets and vases, photographs her compositions hundreds of times, paints from the photographs, and then exhibits each new series of artwork for you to acquire and treasure. The beautiful man-made vessel is there to elevate the common, everyday “readymade” natural object and to visually contrast the geometric, man-made object with the organic forms of the found natural object. The reflections shown on the exterior of the vessel prove that we cannot view and connect with any readymade found natural object as it really is once we have placed it within the context of our human condition, because the reflection of ourselves in our current place and time obscures our field of view.

Lindsey expresses, “It is my hope that my artwork brings you as much wonder and reconnection with nature as it does me.”

ON TECHNIQUE: Lindsey works in a limited palette of colors, nearly monochromatic, to emphasize form, line, and negative space and to bring an element of serenity and sophistication to any space, whether commercial or residential.

NO NEED TO FRAME: All of Lindsey Kiser’s original acrylic paintings are painted on gallery-wrapped canvas stretched over stretcher bars, each 1.5 inches deep. Her original acrylic paintings do not require framing for professional presentation. Large scale paintings will be shipped in jumbo kraft tubes.