Mural of Cincinnati Skyline by Lindsey Kiser

Site-Specific Commissioned Public Art Offerings by Lindsey Kiser

Site-specific commissioned public art is instrumental in fostering an engaging atmosphere of community that encourages conversation and action and inspires thought and reflection. Often public art is commissioned to honor a milestone, such as an important anniversary or a ground-breaking of a new park or public building.

Lindsey Kiser may be commissioned to create artwork for specific installations in commercial or government entity interiors and exteriors. The artist may be commissioned for any size installation, because she works on panels that may be installed in a mosaic format in large spaces, such as a lobby or conference center.

Lindsey Kiser enjoys commissioned work because she enjoys collaborating with organizations to make their specific visual goals into a reality.

Her works are an evocative response to the extraordinary geological forces that govern our planet and the variety of adaptations and designs of the botanical world.

While her pieces develop from her fascination with nature, her artwork also incorporates the natural world itself.

For her two-dimensional artwork, she develops her surfaces by applying a concoction of earth-based pigments and inks. The finished result, often includes the removal of portions of the prepared surface with various blades and needles to expose the white clay surface beneath to achieve a balanced array of graduations of textures and forms. Her selective and refined use of gold leaf, which is enduring and catches light, is purposeful in its contrast with the organic layers of powdered charcoal, ink, and soft white clay.

For three-dimensional artwork or sculptures, if the scale of the sculptures is grander than Lindsey’s workshop or studio, then Lindsey Kiser would develop the mock-ups for the sculptures with her client and once the designs were approved, her company, LinZ Art Gallery LLC, would enter into contract with third party fabricators to bring the vision to life on time for dedication by the governmental entity. Unlike most visual artists, Lindsey has fifteen years of experience as a corporate attorney and is quite capable of meeting deadlines and negotiating contracts with third parties to bring a client’s vision to life.

To loan a sample two-dimensional panel or inquire about commissions, please email the artist at lindseykiserart at or call (1) 859 379 5264.