What is scratchboard?

Scratchboard is essentially a white drawing on a black surface. Traditional etching and printmaking form the roots of today’s scratchboard art. Using sharp knives and tools, scratchboard artists etch to reveal slivers of the thin layer of white china clay that is applied to board and airbrushed with black India ink.

Layer after layer of colorful inks are added and scratched away, added and scratched away until the colors and value (the balance of dark and light) are just right for the composition. To learn even more about scratchboard, visit the website of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists, of which Lindsey Kiser is an award-winning, active member and elected member of the board.

Why did you choose this medium?

For the challenge! Not only is scratchboard extremely unforgiving, it requires you to think in reverse of traditionally drawing. Working in scratchboard, an artist places down highlights with each scratch, instead of placing down a shadow with every dark line on a white surface. There is no way to completely erase a line once made. So, if an artist makes a mistake, one best imaginatively turn it into a “happy accident.”

Also, the level of detail and hyper realism that scratchboard makes possible is a veritable feast for an artist of wildlife and wildflowers.

How were you introduced to scratchboard?

My childhood home was filled with admired originals of Warner Burton, a family friend who spent his retirement years working in scratchboard. After he learned of my budding interests in art, he invited me to visit his studio and gave me a starter kit from his supplies. I later found out that he had bequeathed me his sketchbooks, inspiration folder and all of his art supplies. For a long time, I couldn’t bring myself to use the treasured scratchboards.

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