Photograph of five framed watercolor paintings of the Carolinas by Lindsey Kiser

The Heads Carolina Collection


Lindsey Kiser’s “Heads Carolina” collection of six original 6″ x 6″ watercolor paintings were painted plein air at a stunning lake house on Lake Murray, South Carolina in May 2023.

All six original watercolor paintings come FRAMED.

The idea for “Heads Carolina” came from a nineties country song, Heads Carolina, Tails California. Knowing that I would have two trips within just a few weeks, I prepared for TWO artist residencies and TWO new series of works in watercolor. The idea that we don’t have to deliberate or get stuck in analysis-paralysis is freeing. Maybe instead of pondering on which choice is best for us to choose, we should instead embrace the idea that maybe EITHER CHOICE is in our best interests. Maybe we are presented with TWO OPTIONS and that either one we choose we can make into the best decision ever.

In the case between Heads Carolina and Tails California, the choice is yours. But wouldn’t it be fun to own one from each series?

All “Heads Carolina” and “Tails California” original watercolors come with FRAMES. Please read the specifics of each painting to find out more details regarding the specific framing options.