Radiance Flies

The Radiance Flies 2023 Christmas Collection is a series in scratchboard and iridescent watercolor. The series poured out of me as a natural outgrowth of my experiences with hummingbirds this summer and early fall. While I leisurely enjoyed my front porch swing, my husband and I counted twenty (yes! 20!) hummingbirds at one time! We were refilling our three hummingbird feeders three times per day! We were making 12 cups of sugar water every single day.

I was enraptured with their stunningly brilliant feathers. One second they appeared to be green and the other gold. Hummingbirds offered us better, truer entertainment than television. They urged me to attempt to re-capture their beauty in a more permanent way. After all, our little hummingbird friends are great travelers. So, while they are gone for the winter, we will have these miniature jewel-like scratchboards to remind us of their charm and to delight us each morning when we wake.


All art collected from the Radiance Flies collection will come with FREE SHIPPING.