Heads Carolina

The Heads Carolina Collection

Lindsey Kiser’s “Heads Carolina” collection of six original 6″ x 6″ watercolor paintings were painted plein air on the grounds of a stunning lake house on Lake Murray in South Carolina in May 2023.

The idea for “Heads Carolina” sprung forth from a question Lindsey asks herself whenever she gets stuck in analysis-paralysis in weighing two different options. Here’s the question: “If you sincerely believed that either option, whichever one you chose, turned out to far exceed your expectations, which option would you choose?”

Once you consider your options under that light, the answer usually is obvious.

In this case, between Heads Carolina and Tails California, Carolina won. However, if you stay tuned, later this summer I will be returning from another artist-in-residence to California and be releasing a new series “Tails California”.

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