watercolor painting of a ruffed grouse in flight in the snow with a hunter in the background

Hunt Scenes

I grew up in a hunting family. In fact, my paternal great, great, great, great, great grandfather is included in The Great Hunters of Kentucky. Thus, I’ve been a wildlife artist and hunter as long as I can remember. I hunted squirrel at the age of 9, deer at age 14, and grouse, pheasants, and quail at age 15. Unsurprisingly, my first taste of success as an artist intertwined both passions. At the age of 16, I won Kentucky’s first Junior Duck Stamp art contest, which is a contest run by Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife to promote conservation through the arts. Over the years, I’ve donated a dozen originals and prints to various organizations to promote habitat conservation and to provide for safe, youth shooting sporting activities.

As an artist, I’m uniquely positioned to recreate the truth of the excitement, beauty, and connection with the land and our bird dogs that we witness only in passing moments during our hunts. The compositions and colors of my dramatic hunt scenes could not possibly be caught by a hunter’s camera lens during the hunt itself. However, with careful planning and several reference photographs taken during the quieter moments of my hunts, I am able to carefully reconstruct the scenes in my studio after the hunt. If you are a hunter, my gift to you is the opportunity to collect original art of hunt scenes by a fellow hunter.