The Pheasant Hunt I


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The Pheasant Hunt I is a 9″ x 12″ original watercolor painting in Lindsey Kiser’s “Collection of Hunt Scenes”.

Many years had passed since I had been able to pheasant hunt like I used to do with my immediate family with my mom, dad, brother, and Springer Spaniels. Although I made the time to continue shooting five stand and sporting clays in my twenties and thirties, life has rearranged itself dramatically so that I’m in a position now to return to my passion for upland bird hunting. I suppose it started when I adopted my first Brittany Spaniel, Holly, and then fell in love with her brother’s owner. The four of us now hunt as often as we can, whether for grouse, chucker, or pheasants.

I composed the scene of this watercolor painting from multiple photographs that I took while hunting pheasants in rural Kentucky (hence, the hills). The tall native grasses were perfect cover for the introduced pheasants, which gave our bird dog pups a chance to learn how to point for our upcoming trips west to Iowa and north to Michigan.

There is nothing quite like the rush felt when these beautiful game birds take flight.

(This original watercolor painting does not come framed, because frames are personal and glass is difficult to ship.)

Framed fine art prints available

Framed fine art prints are available: click here. However, if you purchase a print, will you please shoot me an email to lindseykiserart (at) Simply Framed does not provide me with customer data, and I would love to send you a “thank you” email or even a snail mail “thank you” if you choose to share your U.S. postal address.

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