Birds’ Nests Reared in a Garden


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Birds’ Nests Reared in a Garden is an original 6″ x 6″ scratchboard by Lindsey Kiser that was recently juried into a group art show hosted by the Rhode Island Watercolor Society. “A Fine Line” is a national art exhibition in Pawtucket, Rhode Island from July 8 to August 3, 2023.

After having spent a year and a half painting birds’ nests nestled into glass vessels for my “Reflecting Nature” body of work, I was startled when I saw a fungus growing in some mulch that looked just like birds’ nests. Birds Nest Fungus is the common name of this species. It’s quite prolific and abundant in mulch beds. You and I have probably been in its presence a number of times. I know that I failed to see it. This time, I think it’s fair to say I saw it. I really saw it when I took the time to draw it out in scratchboard and later on I painted it 36″ x 36″ in acrylic.

Although there is a school of art that says any object, even garbage, can be seen as beautiful with the right eyes, I’m not convinced. I don’t care what kind of light you put on it, I’m not one to treasure Styrofoam cups. Yet, organic lifeforms, to my artist’s eye, can be found to be beautiful if presented in the right way. Moreover, just knowing that each organism is essential to the ecosystem as a whole is reason enough to elevate each species with the focused attention of an artist’s rendition.

Furthermore, I don’t think beauty itself is the litmus test of great art. However, when I think about building a collection of art for my own home, I’d like my home filled with beautiful, interesting or at least meaningful objects of art and natural found objects, such as rocks and tumbleweeds, from my travels.

My message to you through Birds’ Nests Reared in a Garden is quite simple: Take the time to see the common, everyday items of your life with new eyes. Beauty is something we bring to the table. Find the beauty in your own backyard and you will create a life of joy and abundance.

The title of this work comes from a line of poetry by Emily Dickinson.

Lindsey Kiser is an active member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. In addition, Lindsey serves the society as an elected board member.

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