Had Nature an Apostate


6″ x 6″

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Had Nature an Apostate is an original 6″ x 6″ scratchboard by Lindsey Kiser. When I’m hiking, I can’t help but notice the micro-landscapes created in the fallen logs, leaves, moss, and old stumps. These colorful fungi caught my eye on the trail. In addition to the fungi, I wanted to capture the unusual form and beautiful patterns of the samaras. I just love the flattened, fibrous and papery wings of the fruit of maple trees.

This artwork was carefully scratched out of a scratchboard with a sharpened sewing needle and then layers of colorful ink were painted into the white clay revealed after scratching into the black ink of the board. Layers of scratching and colors were applied to achieve this miniature work of art.

Lindsey Kiser is an active member and elected board member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists.

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