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Liberated, more than a teal blue-green butterfly rendered in ink on Claybord by Lindsey Kiser

Life has a way of sending us unexpected challenges.

I choose to believe they present themselves for us to grow. Some happen, I think, just because we live in a broken world.
When I found out in June 2021, that my marriage of 15 years was irreparably broken, I felt a range of emotions. Besides my faith and supportive family, the following

Three Daily Affirmations have helped me live an extraordinary life post-divorce:

  1. There is a light at the end of this tunnel;
  2. I am making progress every day; and
  3. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13).
I repeated these daily, sometimes hourly as I went through my divorce.
I was determined (and still am determined) to not let these circumstances scar me. I did not want to become bitter or angry. Instead, I blossomed. I flourished. I learned that I am resilient and even extraordinary. I felt liberated. I felt like a brand new butterfly that had just emerged from a chrysalis ready to try out my beautiful new wings.
To honor that short season in my life, which culminated in leaving my chosen profession as an attorney for making, exhibiting, and selling my artwork, and entering into a marriage to a wonderfully kind and loving man, I have made a new art collection.
I have named the collection “Resilient”. The collection is for those of you who are going through an incredibly difficult time and for those of you who have just gone through the dark tunnel and find yourself on the other side.
Notice that instead of a species name on the identification label, I have labeled the butterflies with the words:

Flourishing, Resilient, Extraordinary and Liberated.

Which word (Flourishing, Resilient, Extraordinary or Liberated) resonates most with you in this season of your life?
Which word do you want to believe you will feel once you’re at the end of your tunnel? Hang on to your word. You can do this!
Artwork comes framed in a black floater frame with a silk teal green matte.


I took the photographs of the collected specimen in the insect collection at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. I applied water to the Claybord and dropped ink onto the moist areas. The colorful and metallic inks dispersed across the surface like watercolor. After the ink dried, I added more details with black ink using tiny brushes. After those layers dried, I etched the ink to expose the under layer of white clay with a sharpened sewing needle. Lastly, I added the insect identification labels, but instead of adding the species name, I identified the butterflies with one of the four words I adopted as my new identity.

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