Too Wild to Tame


12″ x 9″

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Too Wild to Tame is an original scratchboard with colorful ink layers by Lindsey Kiser. After completing an entire collection of colorful scratchboards of hummingbirds observed in her front yard and after a dull brown winter, it was thrilling to experience exotic hummingbirds during her excursion to Jamaica before Kentucky’s spring green emerged. The title felt fitting for the culture and wildlife experienced in Jamaica.


Lindsey used multiple reference photos to create the balance you see in this composition. The scratchboard was etched or scratched with a sharpened sewing needle held in a pen vice to reveal the white clay under the black layer. Next, I applied colorful inks and iridescent watercolor to the white scratches. Then I scratched the colorful layers again and repeated the process until I was happy with the result. Finally, a clear coat of varnish protects the artwork.

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