On the Rocks


30″ x 40″

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On the Rocks is a 30″ x 40″ original acrylic by Lindsey Kiser on gallery-wrapped canvas painting was created for the Art of New Beginnings series that was part of Lindsey Kiser’s solo exhibition at the Janice Mason Art Museum in August 2019. Because the painting wraps around each of the 1.5 inch sides of the stretcher frame, the finished painting does not need to be framed.

Bulbs are filled with the potential of new life. We have a multitude of choices we make each day, whether consciously or unconsciously from our default programming. We can make choices that help us reach our potential or choices that take us one step closer to receding into the wallpaper. The choice is ours. This painting is dedicated to those who are reaching for their potential.

In my opinion, On the Rocks makes a great focal point over a mantel or behind a desk as a backdrop for ZOOM calls.

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