Destruction Magnified II


48″ x 48″

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  1. Destruction Magnified by Lindsey Kiser

Destruction Magnified II is a 48" x 48" (four foot by four foot), original acrylic painting by Lindsey Kiser showcasing the beauty of the colors and patterns of duck feathers in a highly reflective vase. From a technical side, capturing the organic forms of the mallard duck's feathers, complete with their intricate, rhythmic patterns, yielded a mixture of 95% delight with a twinge of uncertainty.

The reflective and, yet, transparent glass surface of the vessel is like the polished exterior we display to others. We reflect our surroundings - the people and things with which we've chosen to surround ourselves. The problem is that these reflections can overpower the transparent quality of our vessels, masking out our authentic selves inside the vessel.  I chose to magnify the exquisite, exotic-looking feathers, rich in detail, color, pattern and form, as a symbol of our beautiful, messy inner lives.

This 48" x 48" original acrylic painting was created for my "Reflecting Nature" series. If the collector is outside of the Greater Cincinnati or Central Kentucky geographic regions and requires shipping, the painted canvas will be removed from the stretcher bars and shipped in a jumbo kraft tube. A good framer is accustomed to restretching paintings onto stretcher bars. What's more, Lindsey Kiser painted the sides of the canvas, so that framing the painting is not necessary for exhibiting.

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