Vessels of Change


36″ x 36″

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All organisms, great and small, have four readily observable traits. Organisms exhibit a particular orientation, symmetry, and intricate pattern or detail. Also, organisms have a tenuous quality, meaning, of course, that without the right environment, they don’t survive.

In contrast, technology is defined as the process of solving problems/accomplishing tasks. For example, the process of making a product from harvesting raw materials to final delivery of a packaged product is an example of technology. Although humans can create products with particular orientation, symmetry, and intricate patterns and detail not unlike an organism, humans need to start with raw material. Technology is generally thought of as exclusively within the realm of humans, but amazingly some animals (e.g., birds, bees, and beavers) use raw materials to solve problems.

I find it absolutely fascinating that birds know how to build nests. Think about it! Our own backyards are simply amazing! I hope you take time to explore the wonder of nature, and share that sense of wonder with a child. Better yet, just follow around a child for a day outdoors, and he or she will likely widen your own sense of wonder!

This 36″ x 36″ original acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas was created for my “Reflecting Nature” series. If this painting is sold outside of the Greater Cincinnati or Central Kentucky regions and needs to be shipped, the painted canvas will come off of the stretcher bars. Your local framer will know how to restretch the canvas onto a frame. Because the sides of the painting are painted, there is no need to go to the expense of framing unless you prefer the framed look for your space.


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