Joshua Tree II


Joshua Tree II is an original 6″ x 6″ watercolor in the “Tails California” collection of mini paintings painted on the back porch of a ranch in the oasis of the desert in June 2023. FRAME INCLUDED.

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Joshua Tree II is an original 6″ x 6″ watercolor in the “Tails California” collection of mini paintings painted from an experience of driving across the desert in a Mustang convertible in June 2023. FRAME INCLUDED.

After having been home only two weeks from my artist’s residency in South Carolina in May, I flew to Las Vegas for a drive across the desert in a Ford Mustang with the love of my life to my second artist’s residency in Fallon, Nevada. Fallon is the home of the real Top Gun, the Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center. Using Fallon as a base camp, we traveled to South Tahoe, California and several interesting locations in the Nevada desert.

I couldn’t resist applying a favorite 90’s country song title Heads Carolina, Tails California to my two new series of watercolor paintings. Going from a romantic, humid trip to South Carolina to paint, visit friends, and enjoy lake time to a drive across the desert all the way from Vegas to California was too much for my artist’s soul to not express in fresh artwork from both locations.

The desert has always had a special place in my heart. Oh, but now!! If you haven’t heard yet, I have a story. After having experienced a surprise helicopter ride from Vegas to nearly the ground floor of the Grand Canyon, I turned around to see My Love on bended knee. With my back to the cliff’s edge, My Love elevated my life with an important question and a promise to love me for the rest of his life. So, the romance of the desert is real for me. Witnessing the desolation and preciousness of resources, it’s easy for me to envision my human timeline into heartbeats. Among the petroglyphs of ancient people and the multitude of grains of sand, I see the preciousness and fragility of this one gift of life we are given. It’s time to let our hair and windows down and let ourselves fly high.

The Tails California series uses the same fresh, light and breezy colors and loose brushstrokes as the Heads Carolina series. I think both series are a good reminder that we don’t have to fret decisions; maybe both options, heads or tails, are going to be in our best interests.

This 6″ x6″ original watercolor painting comes framed in a 10″ x 10″ gold frame for your wall or table. I envision the framed painting being displayed on a table in a foyer, tastefully in a powder room, or on a desk, but really you’re the one who gets to decide. Where would you like your daily does of inspiration?

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