The Launch, Skydive, & Made It, Triptych


10″ x 36″

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This original triptych of three gallery-wrapped canvases entitled, The Launch, Skydive, and Made It, each are 10″ x 10″, shows the amazing reality of a wood duck ducklings’ first day of life. Within 24-hours of hatching, the wood duck hen will call to her ducklings to make the jump from their safe nest to the treacherous water below. Waters filled with hungry bass and snapping turtles.

Nature has ways of reminding us of how strong, tough, and otherwise courageous we can be when called to be. Don’t forget. If a duckling is made to take such a plunge, we surely are, too. This painting is a tribute to their strength and our own potential.

Prints (framed and unframed), greeting cards, totes, and other products with these images are available at my Fine Art America shop. (The Launch) (Skydive) (Made It).

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