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Magic, a 24″ x 48″ original acrylic painting, is an excellent alternative to living houseplants to provide some much needed green into our spaces. The painting was created for the Art of New Beginnings series. The painting wraps around each of the 1.5 inch sides of the stretcher frame so that the finished painting does not need a frame.

In a way, bulbs hold a sort of magic in them. What life force is so powerful as to transform this dry, dull bulb into a wellspring of life? Recalling the wonder of nature that we all once had as little children, brings great joy and comfort in the dry seasons of our lives.

Art and nature, whether taken individually or in combination, have brought about healing for so many. It is my sincere hope for you to have an abundance of both art and nature in your life.

For office spaces without natural light and for those nature lovers who have busy lives, houseplants are not practical. A painting like Magic is an excellent alternative to watering houseplants and waiting for them to grow large enough to provide some much needed green into our space.

If not sold to a local collector and the painting needs to be shipped, the painting will be taken off the stretcher frame and shipped in a kraft tube. Good framers know how to stretch the canvas.

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