This 48″ x 48″ original acrylic painting was created for the “Reflecting Nature” series by Lindsey Kiser.

Broken was painted to raise awareness of child abuse and domestic abuse for The Nest of Lexington, Kentucky. The Nest provides a safe place for education, counseling, and support to children and families in crisis. Without getting too philosophical, this painting also addresses the brokenness we all have inside of us that only the Holy Spirit is capable of healing.

As one of her fans put it, “I see the broken glass as an event or tragedy. Glass is vulnerable to break and people are similar. Yet, even something broken can still offer support and comfort. Maybe we are all broken, yet we can still raise a family, we can still offer the security that is needed to raise our children. The glass is clear because we let others see that we are broken and vulnerable. The nest inside the glass is us caring for our little ones by building a home, stick by stick. Because the glass is clear, we let others into our life and share our life but let others know, we are all imperfect.

In the “Reflecting Nature” series, I explored the beauty and complexity of the modern family navigating the pressures of the 21st Century through the depiction of birds’ nests nestled into polished glass vases, bell jars, and other reflective surfaces.

If sold to a collector outside of the Greater Cincinnati or central Kentucky region, the gallery will take the painting on canvas off of its stretcher bars and ship it to you in a Jumbo Kraft tube. Your local frame shop should be accustomed to stretching canvases on stretcher frames. Since the sides of this painting are painted, there is no need to go to the expense of framing unless that is an aesthetic you desire for your space.

Additional information

Weight1.3 lbs
Dimensions152.4 × 15 × 15 in

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