Oasis is an original 6″ x 6″ watercolor in the “Tails California” collection of mini paintings painted on the back porch of a ranch in the oasis of the desert in June 2023.



Oasis was painted in watercolor for my Tails California series on the back porch of a mid-century style ranch house on an eighty acre farm in the oasis of the desert in June 2023. While the original painting has been sold, 8″ x 8″ fine art prints are available for collection for $50. If you would like them framed, contact Lindsey at lindseykiserart (at) for more information.

I couldn’t resist applying a favorite 90’s country song title Heads Carolina, Tails California to my two new series of watercolor paintings created during the most amazing time of my personal life. Within a three week span, I traveled to the Carolinas for a romantic getaway and then flew to Vegas for a week that began in style with a six-hour drive across the desert in a black Mustang convertible to Fallon, Nevada, which we used as a base camp for day trips.

In the Carolinas, I enjoyed my time painting every morning, indoor rock climbing and gallery-hopping with an old friend, and boating and drinking cocktails with new friends on Lake Murray. On the lake, My Love took bets on when I’d fall in while paddle-boarding for the first time. (I didn’t!)

As for the trip to the desert, one of my favorite day trips was to Pyramid Lake, which provided a wetlands right in the middle of sagebrush country and the springboard for this painting, Oasis. I loved the color scheme that I observed in the desert. I loved playing with the darting slippery tadpoles and, of course, all of the white pelicans, seagulls, and Canada geese.

During our visit to Virginia City, Nevada, I seriously contemplated bringing home a set of white buffalo turquoise earrings, but apparently, My Love had more meaningful jewelry in mind to bring home from this trip. On our final day of the trip, instead of boarding a tour bus to learn the history of Las Vegas, My Love escorted me onto a helicopter destined for the base of the Grand Canyon, where he proposed in style, complete with a champagne toast with strangers!

All in all, the experiences from the dual travels were too beautiful for my artist’s soul not to express in fresh artwork from both locations. Plus, art, at its finest, is a form of witnessing life. I learned long ago during my semester abroad solo to Oxford University that traveling without a witness to those places is almost meaningless. So, for me, my artwork and you, my supporters and collectors, are in partnership to witness the incredible beauty presented by the landscapes and plants of the South and the Sierra Nevada.

If you would like a fine art print, please contact Lindsey via email to lindseykiserart (at) for a framed or unframed options.

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