Watercolor Rockies


6″ x 9″


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If you are reading this, you know I am a Kentuckian through and through. Growing up on my family's farm left a Kentucky-shaped imprint on my heart. Yet, because I grew up in an adventurous family who took annual pilgrimages out west to camp and hike and explore, I had the privilege of getting to really know the Rockies. For any naturalist, hiker, and outdoors enthusiast, the Rockies are awe-inspiring. They make all other uses of the word "awesome" pale in comparison. So, for me, even though I champion the Kentucky arts, I continue to be drawn back to the inspiration I feel when in the presence of the Rockies.

Also, I just find it hilarious and a worthwhile challenge to reduce their transcendent spaciousness to a miniature watercolor (6" x 9") and still capture the essence of the grandeur of these mountains. I enjoy the line of the snow meeting the rocks, the fading color as the mountain ranges recede into the distance, and the expansive sky that envelops these snowy ranges. I also enjoyed the horizontal line of the foreground with the repetition created by the treeline. I hope my miniature watercolor brings you a sense of awe and serenity.



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