Arapahoe Basin


Arapahoe Basin is an original miniature watercolor painting. The limited palette works together with a simple, but dynamic composition to generate a sense of serenity.



Arapahoe Basin is a 6″ x 9″ original miniature watercolor painting in my Rockies collection. I love the idea of capturing all of that grandeur on small paper. This challenge keeps me coming back to this subject matter.

Plus, I love how the snow meets the sky in a sea of white, and yet, our brains can still recognize the painting is of mountains.

I love how the wet watercolor paper soaks up pigment and that the natural process of osmosis draws the pigment across the surface of the paper in expected and unexpected ways to create shadows, fog, and snowy conditions.

I really like how a limited palette works together with a simple, but dynamic (angles/diagonals) composition  to generate a sense of serenity that I really need right now.

Lastly, since Arapahoe Basin is a ski resort, the mountains are also an invitation for thrill and excitement and a way to enjoy the great outdoors in all seasons.

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