two watercolor paintings of the Rocky Mountains by Lindsey Kiser shown framed on a wall

Watercolor Paintings

Experience the rich, even texture of the expensive, archival watercolor paper. Look for the evidence of where the water moved the pigment naturally across the paper.

Lindsey Kiser paints in watercolor to experiment with concepts and subject matter that is pressing on her heart and needs to come forth quickly. Because most of her watercolor paintings are small in scale, they make for beautiful gallery-style arrangements on a single wall or in a small space, such as a powder room or office shelf or desk. She prices her watercolors affordably as a fine entry point to collecting Lindsey’s original artwork. Enjoy! Plus, all collectors of her original artwork are automatically added her to Collector’s Circle and will receive e-mailed updates regarding new releases and upcoming art exhibitions.

Unless the sales page specifically says that the painting comes framed, expect the painting to come unframed.