Family of Five


20″ x 20″

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Family of Five was painted with the parents of three children in mind. I thought this painting might be a visual reminder that being a parent means building a sanctuary for our children. As parents, we make hundreds of seemingly small decisions each day that can wear us down and bore us to tears. However, if we purposefully choose to see our choices from a larger perspective, we would see that we are creating a “nest” for our family. Our actions will eventually be reflected in the lives of our children, whether we are alive to see the reflections or not. With this eternal perspective, we can find joy and meaning in our routines even on the hard days.

In the “Reflecting Nature” series, I explored the beauty and complexity of the modern family navigating the pressures of the 21st Century through the depiction of birds’ nests nestled into polished glass vases, bell jars, and other reflective surfaces.

This 20″ x 20″ original acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas was created for my “Reflecting Nature” series. Adding a frame is purely optional.

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