In the Beginning


36″ x 36″

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Isn’t it absolutely fascinating that birds know how to build nests? Think about it! Our own backyards are simply amazing! I hope you take time to explore the wonder of nature, and share that sense of wonder with a child. Better yet, just follow around a child for a day outdoors, and he or she will likely widen your own sense of wonder!

Also, I must share that I fell in love with painting curved, reflective glass while painting this still life. I love how the glass vessel becomes a world unto itself. I loved the challenge as well. So, this painting, which was painted early on in the “Reflecting Nature” series, changed the direction of the series.

In the Beginning is a 36″ x 36″ original acrylic painting was created for my “Reflecting Nature” series.

In the “Reflecting Nature” series, I explored the beauty and complexity of the modern family navigating the pressures of the 21st Century through the depiction of birds’ nests nestled into polished glass vases, bell jars, and other reflective surfaces.

Shipping note: if this painting is sold outside of the Greater Cincinnati or Central Kentucky regions, we will remove the painted canvas from the stretcher bars and ship it to the collector in a jumbo kraft tube. Good framers know how to stretch paintings onto stretcher frames. Also, the painting extends over the sides of the gallery-wrapped canvas. Thus, the painting may be exhibited without a frame.

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