To Whom All of Heaven is Gateless


6″ x 6″



To Whom All of Heaven is Gateless depicts a male ruby-throated hummingbird in mid-flight. This scratchboard was first etched with a sharpened sewing needle. Next, iridescent watercolor paint was applied to the white scratches. Finally, a clear coat of varnish protects the artwork. This 6″ x 6″ scratchboard is a jewel in the Radiance Flies Christmas 2023 Collection.

You swallow, like a drawn bow driven,

And phoebe, always everywhere,

And to what else the sky is given,

Whatever walks with wings on air—

O birds, to whom all heaven’s gateless,

You seem a-sudden barred with bars

And heavy weights, beside this weightless

Haunter of honey-chambered stars.

— Kenneth Slade Alling


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